Kamado – 14 inch “Mini Me”


Red 14″ Mini Me Kamado BBQ Smoker great for barbecuing large chickens.



Small Kamado bbq smoker nicknamed “mini me”. Red in color.  14″ wide   X  14″  height.   70 lbs.

Good to BBQ a large chicken, 4 pound roast, Or 4 pound pork. The earthenware clay will keep the meats very moist and flavorful. Using hickory wood on the charcoal briquettes will make this Mini Me the best bbq smoker that is on the market today with a reasonable price tag. It’s earthenware construction will never rust out.  This barbeque / smoker can last indefinitely using half the charcoal as a metal BBQ – you save money on its daily use. Earthenware retains heat. Closing bottom and top drafts doors you will snuff out the fire. Use same charcoal the next barbecue.

Comes with 1 black metal stand.

Note: We are accepting reps and big box stores to carry our line of Kamados. Call us for more info on bulk cost shipments 516-635-6402.

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Weight 70 lbs